3-way valve that allows manual control of a valve.

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HR ROMYSPAN brings to the market the new and redesigned 3-way valve, with improvements for operation and durability.

  • Increased the wall thickness of the lower ¼” thread by 1mm.
  • The height of the nut has been increased by 1 mm for a more comfortable and easy tightening
    of the 3-way valve with the wrench or spanner on the main valve body.



  • Body: Brass
  • Side threads: 1/4 female BSP
  • Connection fitting: 1/4 male BSP
  • Inner pitch: 6mm


  • “O” Connects the main valve chamber with the atmosphere, opens the valve – OPEN.
  • “C” Connects main valve chamber to line pressure. Close the valve – CLOSED.
  • “A” Connects the main valve chamber with the automatic pilot system.
  • The valve is governed automatically – AUTO.