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Pressure Reducing and Sustaining Valve

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Pressure Reducing and Sustaining Valve


The valve is controlled by a two system pilots. A pilot maintains a constant pressure upstream and the other one reduces high pressure to a predetermined level. The valve is opened or closed gradually to maintain the desired preset pressures.
-No external power, energy receives the water flowing through the pipe.
-Simplicity In the design, construction and operation.
-Stable and accurate control of the flow.
The pressure reducing valve is line pressure activated and regulated by two pilot valves. The sustaining pilot is fixed attached pilot to maintain a minimum constant inlet pressure to the main valve.
The reducing pilot is set in order to have a maximum output pressure downstream of the main valve. The valve opens partially to support the inlet pressure, and reduce output.
Similarly it is partially closed if the downstream pressure exceeds the preset, or opens if the upstream pipe falls below the desired point.
The reducing sustaining hydraulic valve is used when downstream pressure is required without oscillations because it prevents pressure drops and overpressure.

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