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Hydraulic Valve Manual Control

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Hydraulic Valve Manual Control


The valve is controlled by manipulating a 3-way selection valve that opens or closes the flow of water, allowing the user easy control of it.
-No external power, energy is received from the water flowing through the pipe.
-Simplicity of design, construction and operation.
The valve is activated by line pressure and controlled by the solenoid. This solenoid opens or closes the passing flow through the valve by an electric pulse emitted by a controller, remote control or timer.
In the normally open position, the solenoid allows the passage of fluid to the control chamber of the valve, allowing the filling thereof and throttling the flow passage through the valve. In the normally closed position, solenoid not allow the passage, so that the control chamber becomes empty, allowing the passage of fluid through the main valve.
Automatically controlled valve by a remote distance programmer, allowing the opening and closing thereof.

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