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3 Way Pressure Reducing and Sustaining Plastic Pilot

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3 Way Pressure Reducing and Sustaining Plastic Pilot


El piloto plástico reductor/sostenedor de 3 The 3 way reducing-sustaining plastic pilot, is designed so that once mounted on a hydraulic valve, is transformed into reducing or pressure sustaining, with a working range up to 10 bar.


Body and cover

Plastic with fiberglass

Screw, nut and washer

Stainless steel

SpringStainless steel
DiaphragmNatural rubber
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
Axle housingTeflon


  • Do not use liquids that attack the materials
  • Do not use oils or grease to lubricate the components
  • Is recommended to use a filter in the hydraulic valve that the pilot will regulate
Max. pressure:10 bar
Working range:1-10 bar
(14,5-145 psi,  Standard press., metalic color)
0,6-6,5 bar
(8,7-94 psi, Medium press., red color)
0,4-4,5 bar
(5,8-65 psi, Low press., green color)
Inside diameter:4 mm
To regulate the pressure is used the upper screw of the pilot. Tightening the screw will increase the equilibrium pressure and loosening it will diminish. The screw will be rotated slowly in order to stabilize the pressure.
Reaching the desired pressure, the position of the screw will be fixed by the nut.
For proper operation of the pilot, it is recommended to respect the assembly diagrams, using suitable fittings for the type of thread.
Seal the connectors with Teflon tape or liquid.

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