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2 Way Pressure Reducing Metallic Pilot

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2 Way Pressure Reducing Metallic Pilot


This metal pilot was designed to automatically reduce a fluctuating higher upstream pressure to a constant lower downstream pressure regardless of varying flow rates. Designed to work both static and dynamic

Due to the pressure exerted by the spring on the diaphragm, the pilot is in the open position. When the pressure exceeds the regulated point, the water passage is closed, achieving pressure regulation. The 2-way pilot is more simple and easy to install than the 3-way. With more sensitivity, allowing greater accuracy in regulation and a more stable behavior.


Body and cover


Screw, nut

Stainless steel

SpringStainless steel
DiaphragmNatural rubber
ShaftStainless steel
BoltsStainless steel
Connections1/4” socket BSP
Working pressure:12 bar (175psi)
16 bar (235psi)
(High pressure)
Inside diameter:3,5 mm
  • To control the pressure is used the upper screw. Tightening the screw will increase the pressure balance and loosening it will diminish. The screw rotates slowly so that the pressure to stabilize.
  • Upon reaching the desired pressure, the position is fixed using the nut screw.
  • For proper operation of the pilot, it is recommended to respect the assembly diagrams, using suitable fittings for the type of thread.
  • Seal the connectors with Teflon tape or liquid. Both the installation and handling of the pilot will be performed with appropriate tools and qualified personnel.

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